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idioms: shit the bed

so i have taken to using that delightful expression first introduced to me by coco73 whenever i screw things up (which is often).

it's amusing, and supplies accountability and lulz at the same time. it seems appropriate for all manner of screw-ups.

well almost all. consider the email i just sent my group because i accidentally overslept and failed to give the project one last look over before it was to be submitted at 9am:

"i'm really sorry everyone. i set my alarm but obviously shit the bed on waking up."

... yeahhhh.

i'm gonna go with "appropriate for all manner of screw-ups except for those actually involving YOUR BED" where people are inclined to take you at your literal word.


2nd Nov, 2009 20:34 (UTC)
It's also not advisable to combine a shitting the bed reference with a 'your mom' joke, e.g.

"I shit the bed while YOUR MOM WAS IN IT"


I first learned 'shit the bed' from my former co-supervisor, who hilariously would say 'pooped the bed' if any of our staff were around. "We really pooped the bed on this one" just doesn't have the same impact...